CSA Week 11


Only 2-1/2 more months of our CSA left! I can't believe that school is starting this week and fall is coming. The weather is so much nicer - almost reminiscent of fall. (And have I mentioned how much I love fall?)

Last night's pick-up included several small yellow potatoes, 4 green apples, 3 large slicer tomatoes, one watermelon, three eggplant, several small sweet peppers and three mini cucumbers. YUM! 

Jeremy is dreading the eggplant, although I think I'm going to try to pull of an edible eggplant parmesan ...

But before I do, can I tell you how excited I am to have apples this week? Jill said it was the first time they've had apples in 4 YEARS - and how I love baked apple goods(!). Even eating an apple is so yummy but I've been avoiding them because apples are number ONE on the Dirty List. Growing apples organically makes them slightly less than perfect looking, but I can feel SO good about feeding them to my family because they are pesticide free!

Who knew I'd get so excited about apples?! 


  1. My parents have apple and pear trees in their yard... and always WAY more than they can use if you are interested in a few more.

  2. Ooo! I'd love that! Tell me when and where and I'm there!!