CSA Week 9


This week's pickup included...

... 4 cucumbers, a pint of cherry tomatoes, 8 small peaches, a watermelon (yum!), a pound of okra and 2 cups of basil.

And the pick of the week is ... CUCUMBERS! Added the four to my stash and I have quite a few. (Too many.)

Any cucumber recipes you're dying to share?! I could use some!


  1. I love making refrigerator pickles... i thinly slice cucumbers, onions, and garlic, and put them in a *glass* container with a lid.(*you want glass because if you put them in plastic it will forever smell, and metal reacts, obviously.) Then fill with enough water to just cover them, and add salt and pepper and vinegar to taste. (I love vinegar, so I usually put in lots... use white or cider vinegar) Let them hang out in the fridge for a couple hours or a couple days (they don't last that long in my house) You can eat them plain, or try them in salad, or spooned over cottage cheese.
    OR... you could try to make real pickles with them. Also, you can pickle the okra! yum!

  2. chunks of cucumber and watermelon with a bit of lime juice and fresh mint. one of my new favorite salads.

  3. mmm! thanks for the suggestions everyone!