a rainbow of accessories


So, I'm random. I know. Forgive me.

I take pictures of my accessories. (Roll your eyes. Go ahead...)

I have been on the look-out for yellow accessories (necklace, belt and/or shoes to be exact) to go with a navy and white polka dot vintage dress I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago. I LOVE it, but the style is pretty conservative so I want to jazz it up with a few modern and bright accessories.

Insert chunky yellow necklace (E - I found one!).

After I hung it up with my other necklaces I realized that all of a sudden it really popped - I've completed my rainbow (minus purple because I don't really wear much of it...)!

From left:
- red large bead and silver chain (modern/antique store in IA - it was new)
- vintage red and brass bead necklace (from my MIL)
- dark orange wooden bead (hand-me-down)
- orange pendant necklace (Korean hand-me-down)
- yellow chunky bead (thrift store)
- green glass bead (another hand-me-down)
- vintage aquamarine beaded necklace (from my MIL)
- teal beaded necklace (handmade gift)
- smaller teal beaded (gift from South Africa)
- multicolored green/blue beads on a ribbon (one I fell in love with from Target!)

Aren't these fun!? I'm a nerd but I love them! Can you tell I'm excited about my rainbow?

Now off to see if I can find a yellow belt so I can show off my newest vintage dress! 

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  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I contributed to 3 of the 4 "hand me downs" and the handmade one. 4 out of 10, not bad. :)