CSA Weeks 13 & 14


Last week's CSA pick-up included...

... a huge bunch of fresh basil, a pound of okra, 2-1/2 cups mixed salad greens, a pound of red cherry tomatoes, 10 hot peppers, a watermelon and ...

Wheat flour!! I ran out a few weeks ago and have been needing some flour. Well, here we are. "Heirloom Turkey Red Wheat Flour" -- our CSA newsletter gave some details. 

"German Mennonites from Russia brought this wheat to Kansas in the 1870’s. Standing at almost 5 feet tall, it was the variety of wheat that gave Kansas the nick name of the “Wheat State," and it's the basis for the song line, “amber waves of grain."  It is now on Slow Food America’s list of foods that are in danger of going extinct. It has been replaced with more modern high yielding varieties.

One unique characteristic about this flour is that it has about 1/5 the amount of gluten stands found in modern conventional wheat. We have had several gluten-intolerant people tell us that they can actually eat our flour. This flour is good for bread making (both in a machine or by hand), cakes, pancakes, muffins, cookies, waffles, and even pasta."

Can't wait to show off my wheat flour!


 Yesterday's pick-up was sorely needed after a couple weeks of no meal-planning. I promised Jeremy there would be supper on the table and I'd get meal planning going.

We received two glove eggplants, a half dozen brown eggs, 1 large and 4 tiny sweet peppers, 4 small cucumbers, a lb of okra, several cups of salad greens, and microgreens.

Have you heard of microgreens?! I hadn't but I guess they were introduced in the spring before we signed on and they brought them back for the fall. I'm excited to try them! They are at the stage between sprouts and salad greens ... and great on burgers, tacos, sandwiches, etc.

Oh what to make! 

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