some antique finds ... and a fun announcement!


So when we were in Ohio, we went thrifting. And along the way stopped at an antique store. I found four blue glass Ball jars with zinc lids for $4 a piece! The only booth in the place that had good prices and I wanted to support it.

Here they are featured in my newly shabby-chic-ed wooden wine rack.

And speaking of vintage, antique, rustic, shabby chic, distressed, handmade ... I not only opened up a new shop this month, next month I'm going to be a vendor at a two day Christmas market!! I'm super excited, working really hard and scared no one will buy a thing, but I'm going to go for it anyway!

So up until the last weekend of October, I'm going to find myself up to my ears in old wood and paint, but I'm so happy I get this chance.

Jeremy suggested that I go "thrifting" in his parents' basement and whaddayaknow? I found some amazing stuff.  I'll feature some of it individually when it's fixed up (before and afters) but look at this amazing pile of antique goodness! Some would call it junk, but it's treasure to me.

Can't wait to show you my creations!

Oh, and I found this clutch for $1.

It even had matching gloves inside!! They are way too small for my big hands, but I love it. Muah!

More on the Christmas market soon!


  1. I saw the clutch photo on your new shop and had planned to ask where you got it....AMAZING!

    And your vintage items look very inspiring. Wish I was near to offer more support (ie help if you would let me. ;))

  2. So cool! I have to say all of your finds have my creative juices flowing! I would come and help you if I could.

  3. thanks E and Sharla!! i totally would let both of you help - especially when it comes to rearranging my booth! I'm especially nervous about that!

  4. love your ideas! can't wait to see what you do!

  5. I love your ideas Lisa! Can't wait to see what you do!

  6. Ooh! I am hoping to do a couple craft fairs this holiday season and sell some of my little man bowties and suspenders. I did a last minute one last yea r that was poorly organized and attended... but I am hoping I will be a bit more successful this year! :)
    You'll have to let me know when/where yours is so I can come see you! Good luck!