trash to treasure items: {shutters and wooden chair}


I have a couple more "trash to treasure" makeovers to show you! Remember THIS ONE?  (And more coming too... I need to work on them instead of blog. Ha!)

This was a chair I found beside a curb, and wanted to use it around our DINING TABLE. Unfortunately, it was a little bit too unstable. I had a couple of wreaths resting on it downstairs and decided that I loved this look - as porch decor, that is.

Would you put that on your porch?

And another little pair of shutters, found on the same run, got a couple of coats of mint green and an icy white wreath. I think it'd be perfect on someone's mantle. Not mine, of course, but hopefully someone's! (I don't have a mantle, in case you were confused.)

THE DESK is awaiting the final touches as are a few other pieces.

And ... it's party week this week! I'll be featuring a birthday party, baby shower and a pretty party dress.

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