candy anniversary


We celebrated 6 years last weekend.

Every year we use a traditional gift list to come up with a variation of fun (sometimes big, sometimes small) gifts or themes. This year was CANDY. I wasn't overly excited because I just consumed 4 bags of jelly beans over Easter and I was feeling candied out.

I mentioned this idea to my friend, Sarah, and she suggested Christopher Elbow chocolates. (She also suggested the restaurant we thoroughly enjoyed last year. She's a keeper.) 

"Say who?"

An artisanal chocolatier based out of Kansas City? Expertly flavored and carefully chosen chocolates?

A candy anniversary is sounding better all the time. :-) 

We came away with flavors like Bananas Foster, Coffee, Venezuelan Spice, Strawberry Balsamic, Lemon (x2 for {Ladybug}), Lavender Caramel and the like. There were a few flavors only available at the store, so I went for those too. Aren't they pretty?

Highly recommend this KC treat!! :-)

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  1. Super cute! What a fun idea to get a new theme every year!