new kitchen color


I had a problem in my kitchen. (I have many other kitchen problems, just ask my husband about the chickens.) This one didn't have to do with food, though. After about 5 years of yellow in my kitchen, the walls had seen better days. Chair scrapes, paint peeling, stains ... you get the picture.

Brilliant idea #1 
"I'll go get the same paint at the hardware store."

Um, no. After 5 years, the paint colors change.

Brilliant idea #2
"Color match!"

No chipping pieces I could conveniently pull to color match.

Brilliant (and final) idea #3

So, I did, with a gallon of free paint from the county paint drop-off (you can get rid of old paint there or get some "new" for free!). And I love the new look!

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  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    That is awesome!! (I totally feel your pain-we've had several color matchings done...and redone...and done again. If the room weren't so large I'd be tempted to repaint. Grrrr) I love your new color and your "eat" display!! So fresh and pretty. And how cool that you got free paint! I'm going to remember that tip...

    Hugs, friend!