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Empty ribbon rolls? Make pom poms!


(Okay, so I lied about being off here until January. I just had a little project I needed to share!)

What happens when you use up all the ribbon from your rolls? You toss them right? (Into the recycling bin, I hope. But if it's the trash, I won't judge you too harshly.)

Instead, here's a super simple project that only takes a couple of things, and you can reuse these ribbon rolls! (Original tutorial came from here.) BAM!

You need: empty ribbon rolls, fluffy yarn, thin yarn (optional), scissors.

Instructions: Pull apart ribbon roll, use scissors to roughly widen the hole to 1". Pull about 7-10 arm lengths of yarn from ball, put both circles together and feed full length of yarn through hole. Continue wrapping yarn through hole and around outside - at least one time around or twice for a fuller pom. Cut ends of yarn, then slide scissors between ribbon roll circles and cut away yarn. Take a small piece of thinner yarn and slide between circles. Tie a knot. Then cut away or slide used ribbon roll circles off.

And your pom is made! This takes a little bit of time, but not too much thought or skill after you get the hang of it.

And how gorgeous is this little puff of wintry goodness?

I made mine into a garland (like the previous tutorial) using glittery gold snowflakes to hang in the space above our headboard. And I love it!

Happy re-using!

More Christmas Market Upcycles


A few random home decor pieces that will go in my market booth...

Loved this 70s print found at a garage sale for $1. Hated the frame.

My original idea was to disassemble the frame and just reframe the butterflies in a modern oval shaped frame. (Still looking for that frame! Any ideas?)

Then I got to thinking that I should try painting the frame and using it too! (Duh!) So I painted it with black acrylic and used the heavy cardboard backing to decoupage some old sheet music to. Here's a peek:

A couple of grapevine wreathes I thrifted are going to be a sweet and simple little decor piece with white flowers and burlap "ribbon" strings.

Then I've upcycled some coffee bags into coasters. Definitely for the pretty factor, not for waterproof coaster protection. :-) I weaved in some vintage sewing notions for some fun, color and personality.

Finally, I'm using some vintage fabric (from my Grandma's stash) to make table runners. I love ruffles!

And I spent a couple hours (mostly in front of Project Runway) in several different stages, cutting and punching out these recycled cardboard tags. Lemme tell ya, my hands HURT after I was done!

But I love 'em. And I got 110 for only about $6! (Plus the stamps are reusable.)

Tell me what you think! Any other ideas just popping out that you have to share?! I'm open!