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last Market post: The Market


This year's Market was a success. I need to say that because it was true. I made 3/4 of my goal (which was quite lofty) and made at least a little more than breaking even. But, I have to be honest, after working all of this year for this (and having almost double the merchandise), I was a little bit let down that more of my pieces didn't sell.

But, several things to lighten that load. There seemed to be a general consensus that sales were down with most of the vendors. It was really dead Friday afternoon/evening and many, many of the people that came in were white-hairs. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the oldies, but they aren't really interested in paying money for things they used to have and not many of them are interested in "in the moment" home decor. Also, people verbalized that they loved certain pieces but weren't sure where they would put it. I have to applaud this because 1) it's how I think and 2) I'm not into getting stuff just for the sake of having something pretty (see THIS post).

That said, I did have TONS of compliments and several people asked for my card, etc. That was a boost. But, it still wasn't a sale. :-)

Without further ado, here was the Market!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped, supported (here and from afar!), encouraged and who came and showed your lovely faces. It's wonderful to see friendly faces during such long days!! My family put up with a few freak outs (sorry guys!) and several moments and days of stress. - my sweet girl played by herself while I worked some days, my husband helped watch the girl on days he was home and also helped me do the heavy lifting for the show (!). My mom and mother-in-law traveled here and played with the girl while I worked and worked and my dad and father-in-law got their hands dirty and helped with some of the more complicated and bigger pieces. My in-laws also allowed me to raid their country abode for more fun antiques and great wood pieces. :-)

more Market sneek peeks!


 Just another day in the life of getting ready for the Market!

More Christmas Market Upcycles


A few random home decor pieces that will go in my market booth...

Loved this 70s print found at a garage sale for $1. Hated the frame.

My original idea was to disassemble the frame and just reframe the butterflies in a modern oval shaped frame. (Still looking for that frame! Any ideas?)

Then I got to thinking that I should try painting the frame and using it too! (Duh!) So I painted it with black acrylic and used the heavy cardboard backing to decoupage some old sheet music to. Here's a peek:

A couple of grapevine wreathes I thrifted are going to be a sweet and simple little decor piece with white flowers and burlap "ribbon" strings.

Then I've upcycled some coffee bags into coasters. Definitely for the pretty factor, not for waterproof coaster protection. :-) I weaved in some vintage sewing notions for some fun, color and personality.

Finally, I'm using some vintage fabric (from my Grandma's stash) to make table runners. I love ruffles!

And I spent a couple hours (mostly in front of Project Runway) in several different stages, cutting and punching out these recycled cardboard tags. Lemme tell ya, my hands HURT after I was done!

But I love 'em. And I got 110 for only about $6! (Plus the stamps are reusable.)

Tell me what you think! Any other ideas just popping out that you have to share?! I'm open!

some antique finds ... and a fun announcement!


So when we were in Ohio, we went thrifting. And along the way stopped at an antique store. I found four blue glass Ball jars with zinc lids for $4 a piece! The only booth in the place that had good prices and I wanted to support it.

Here they are featured in my newly shabby-chic-ed wooden wine rack.

And speaking of vintage, antique, rustic, shabby chic, distressed, handmade ... I not only opened up a new shop this month, next month I'm going to be a vendor at a two day Christmas market!! I'm super excited, working really hard and scared no one will buy a thing, but I'm going to go for it anyway!

So up until the last weekend of October, I'm going to find myself up to my ears in old wood and paint, but I'm so happy I get this chance.

Jeremy suggested that I go "thrifting" in his parents' basement and whaddayaknow? I found some amazing stuff.  I'll feature some of it individually when it's fixed up (before and afters) but look at this amazing pile of antique goodness! Some would call it junk, but it's treasure to me.

Can't wait to show you my creations!

Oh, and I found this clutch for $1.

It even had matching gloves inside!! They are way too small for my big hands, but I love it. Muah!

More on the Christmas market soon!