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On Living Cellphoneless


I have to admit, living without a cell phone has its advantages.

And disadvantages.

But all-in-all, it's been a pretty easy switch. We needed to save money, wanted to simplify and decided that giving up our cell phones was worth it.


But, I'm not gonna lie. There are times I've missed having a phone...

- like when I catch Ladybug doing something funny, I'd love to snap and send a quick pic to the fam. Instead, I have to race to get the DSLR and snap it instead.

- Or when I realize that "mobile coupons" at Target are only available to those with smart phones. #societaldiscrimination.

- That time when the urgent care visit took 5 hours instead of two. Even I was really starting to worry.

- At Home Depot when I thought the 14-1/2 inch cut wasn't quite enough but couldn't call home to remeasure. Sure enough, it was 15-1/2. Bummer.

- Having to admit, "Um, I don't have a cell phone. Sorry."And being stared at like I have two heads or something.

- Missing call, after call, after call from my best friend.

Then, there are things that I haven't missed, like...

- Being called or getting a text after I've gone to bed.

- Being on my phone instead of being with my daughter.

- The temptation to answer or text in the car.

- Losing my cell or dropping it in water.

- Sticky little fingers always asking to play with it.

- I can  always text over email.

-And last, but most definitely NOT least, I do not miss the $80 bill every month. Not. One. Little. Bit.

:-) Ever thought about simplifying like this? Could you live without your cell? Or other electronics?