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plans {2014}


Word(s) for 2013: be generous
 I've found that so many opportunities present themselves to be generous to those around us. And not just with our money or stuff (although that is part of it!) but with our time, our words, our forgiveness ... and, amazingly enough, accepting the generosity of others. 

Favorite book of 2013: Unbroken (Hillebrand) so good! I highly recommend it to anyone! 

Best thing that happened last year: my husband started a new job at NTS that he loves. It's made all of our lives better!

Favorite upcycled project: piano key sunburst mirror 

Favorite furniture makeovers: old tv cart and garage sale chair 


 Plans for 2014 :-)

Word for 2014: BE
This may sound generic or cliche, but I've really been convicted the last few months that more is not better in many ways for me. Especially when I think about stress, no matter what project or good thing I may be working on, too much stress makes me tense, grumpy and unable to be present in my life. Specifically, my projects and doing (especially for the Market and the holidays - thus, the last 4 months of my life) has really crowded out quality time with my sweet girl. Not that I ignore her, don't get me wrong, but just not enough presence with her. Taking in her sweet, big brown eyes. And she's growing up quickly! Let me not miss it. 

I believe other ways of be-ing will quickly show up as I continue to let go of my expectations of myself and perceived expectations of others, as I try to take in my surroundings and live with mindfulness and simplicity, and as I attempt to better my photography by taking more daily photos and appreciating my life.

Goal 1: Taking better photos

Goal 2: Reading some blogging books and implementing some changes on my blog.
I don't really expect to ever make 100K a year from my blog (yes, some people do. it's nuts). I also don't really want to spend 60-80 hours a week making that happen. But, I do want to be more true to myself on my blog. I'm not just about decorating, vintage stuff, and makeovers (although I love all of those!)... but thinking deeply about issues and philosophies of life. I'll be honest, deep thinking is just more difficult when your time is spent with a three year old (!). But I'm planning to incorporate more justice issues and simple living into my blog to make it a more well-rounded picture of who I am and what I'm learning.

I'm kind of hesitant to start this when I'm in the middle of my thought process, but as my wise husband tells me, "If you wait until you have all your ducks in a row and it's perfect, you'll never start." I believe this to be true. So, bear with me as I make changes this year and feel free to interact in the comments! I'd love to hear from you.

Speaking of which, what are your plans for 2014?

On Living Cellphoneless


I have to admit, living without a cell phone has its advantages.

And disadvantages.

But all-in-all, it's been a pretty easy switch. We needed to save money, wanted to simplify and decided that giving up our cell phones was worth it.


But, I'm not gonna lie. There are times I've missed having a phone...

- like when I catch Ladybug doing something funny, I'd love to snap and send a quick pic to the fam. Instead, I have to race to get the DSLR and snap it instead.

- Or when I realize that "mobile coupons" at Target are only available to those with smart phones. #societaldiscrimination.

- That time when the urgent care visit took 5 hours instead of two. Even I was really starting to worry.

- At Home Depot when I thought the 14-1/2 inch cut wasn't quite enough but couldn't call home to remeasure. Sure enough, it was 15-1/2. Bummer.

- Having to admit, "Um, I don't have a cell phone. Sorry."And being stared at like I have two heads or something.

- Missing call, after call, after call from my best friend.

Then, there are things that I haven't missed, like...

- Being called or getting a text after I've gone to bed.

- Being on my phone instead of being with my daughter.

- The temptation to answer or text in the car.

- Losing my cell or dropping it in water.

- Sticky little fingers always asking to play with it.

- I can  always text over email.

-And last, but most definitely NOT least, I do not miss the $80 bill every month. Not. One. Little. Bit.

:-) Ever thought about simplifying like this? Could you live without your cell? Or other electronics?