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*a couple of new shop items* (no. 2)


*second installation of new shop items! stocking up before I get crazy busy this fall...

Just one more tomorrow. Cheers!

*a couple of new shop items* (no. 1)


I've been working on prepping and photographing items to add to the shop this week - I've decided to take a bite out of it every day instead of trying to attack and get it all done at once. It's exhausting trying to describe, measure and upload the pics of all these little pieces in multiples at a time! Plus I get a little cranky when a certain 2-yr old interrupts a million times - trust me, it's just better this way.

I work better a little bit at a time anyway. Although, I do get a rush when a project is finished or my little garments are all posted!

The shop has been quite slow this summer, which is totally normal, so I haven't paid a ton of attention to it. However, I've picked up a few things here and there, plus my mom and my amazing garage-saling picker friend (she does have a name - thanks, Sarah!) just found a ton of stuff, so I thought it was time for an update!

i paid for this one before i realized that it had an incredibly ugly sliding bear applique on the front - the entire white panel is a replacement - a job i am proud of!! check it out HERE.

First posting installation! More to come this week.

See all pieces here: Cheers!

shop update! {June '13)


I haven't done a whole lot with the shop so far this year. If I come across something, obviously I grab it up quick (!) but I haven't been selling as fast due to doubled international postage prices (boo). Not to mention, it's just slower in the summer.

Which doesn't hurt my feelings too much because there's been other important things going on like a wedding and home projects and gearing up for the Market!

I snagged the first four at an estate sale and the last one my awesome finder friend scored. 

The last ones were thrift store finds - they had a bunch more but were so expensive! "Expensive" meaning resale wouldn't be worth it. Oh well. Here's what I did find.

Find these cute little pieces in the shop HERE!

a few shop additions - 1950s patterns!


I found some 1950s (one 60s) patterns at an estate sale for a great price! Most things were overpriced, but not these babies. Everyone had overlooked them, but they were mine. And they pretty much speak for themselves. Find them HERE.

Aren't they amazing?!

vintage thrifting finds! {shop update!}


Just when I said that estate sales were my new thrifting, I scored at the thrift store! And, mind you, I'm not writing off thrift stores in the least, and most definitely not now...

Stop by the shop to check out the rest!

estate sale finds


The day after the last snowstorm (last week - we've had another since!) I asked Jeremy to help dig out the car so I could go to an estate sale in town. I'm on an email list for a certain company and usually they are in the surrounding towns ... but this was was only a couple of miles away. Score!

I arrived about 10 minutes after it opened and what I wanted to find (skeleton keys) were gone in the first few minutes. Two lessons learned: 1) if you want something, get there when they open and 2) ask right away where something is located. I hunted around for about 20 minutes and then asked, but they were gone.

Oh well. In the meantime, I found ...

...this beautiful vintage suitcase!

It's not perfect (it's used, duh!) on the outside but inside is still in wonderful shape. One of the best I've seen! The elastic is still in tip-top shape, no rips, tears or fading. And (amazingly enough!) it has no musty smell - awesome!

A couple of vintage pieces for the shop:

They had a bunch more clothes but most were very, very stained. Something I have to watch out for when buying! Otherwise I might've gone crazy...

And some amazing metal letters with great chippy patinas... also for the shop!

Estate sale hunting is now the new thrifting! At least in my book. Last time they featured a 70% off and I got 30 baby clothing pieces for $9. Amazing. This was full price, but still worth it. Still less than thrift store pricing.

Find anything vintagely amazing lately!? Do share!



Like my new purse for spring?! I'm a little scared of the white with a 2-year old, but I went ahead and splurged anyway.

It was for a great cause - supporting my friend, Sharla, and her Etsy shop, doodad, based in Switzerland!

I actually ordered the purse (below) first for a friend and, since it was shipping internationally, I knew I wanted to get something for myself too while I was at it.

Isn't her Jenny bag cute?

Here we are, "modeling" our bags.

She has some amazing scarves and bags - really, go check her shop out!



**(Yes, I stole those directly from Sharla's shop and don't claim either of those pictures as my own. But why do the work twice? Both photos show off the quality of the bags just beautifully.)