.:heart-shaped sugar cookies:.


usually, it's Mom and I. i remember in elementary school ... my mom, the coolest, would make heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink frosting. and she'd "write" every single classmate's first name on them. the next day, i would proudly bring them to school. getting a yummy cookie frosted personally for you is one thing ... but giving them out is another.

we'd make the dough and chill it. roll it out and start cutting hearts. my dad always would poke his face into the kitchen and while my mom wasn't looking i'd sneak him some dough.

oooooh, the joys of baking.

roll 'em out, cool 'em and frost 'em. and, of course, in the process, eat some dough, eat the broken ones (which may or may not've been broken on purpose) and lick the frosting off your fingers.

this year, however, Valentine's day will be one I spent alone. (my parents are in Haiti). tonight i made the cookies. i ate some dough and a broken one, frosted them and licked my fingers ... but without anyone to help or sneak cookie dough to, it's just not the same. tomorrow however, i bet giving them will be fun. grated, i didn't write all of the names of the mechanics in my office on them (that'd be a little weird.) but, nonetheless, they'll love 'em. big, dirty mechanics eating pink heart cookies. yeah, it's a one-up for me. pink hearts, white with red sparkles, and one special one. :-) :-)

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