Ottoman Slipcover - before and after


So my dear ottoman has been desperately in need of some love.

For quite some time now, it's looked like this ...
Yes, it's been sitting in my house looking like this for a very long time!

Thanks to the dear little puppy I blogged about a year and a half ago here.

I was debating and deciding ... thinking and thinking about what to do. And finally, I found this tutorial that spurred me on this weekend. I went to Home Depot, got a $10 natural colored drop cloth, and decided to try it out.

It ends up that I used some other fabric scraps I had (can we say,"love to the remnants bin!" anyone??) to make it prettier, so I didn't use as much of the drop cloth as I originally had planned. Oh well, more for another project!!

And, here is the final product! Not perfect (I really didn't measure very carefully, but don't judge, just look at it on the whole) but I'm pretty happy with it! :-) What do you think?  

a little peek of fabric from the side

remnant L-O-V-E


  1. this is great... you are so crafty! i love the colors and the patter on the top!

  2. Ooh... this is really cute! Great job! Don't you love the remnants bin???

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Awesome job! I love it! AM

  4. I keep thinking I should be crafty like this. Perhaps when I'm home more and get used to my girl's nap schedule I'll give it a try. Till then, I'll thoroughly enjoy seeing your projects :)

  5. Gorgeous! Incredible!

  6. Nicole7:21 AM

    I love it! And I am just in awe in your energy to do all of this and have the time and space to be creative. Wow!

  7. Adorable AND resourceful! great job!

  8. Anonymous11:25 PM

    You did an amazing job!!! I know it's been a while but would you happen to remember the name of the fabric that you used or where it was purchased?

  9. I think it was Jo-Ann Fabric's remnant bin, but it was too long ago that I purchased it to remember the name. so sorry!