Before and After: Garage sale chair


I've been collecting items for this year's Market - but before I really dig into those projects, I have a few items sitting around from last year that really need attention. I also need the space in our basement.

Remember the post about this lovely garage sale find last February? Incredibly enough, it is finished!! Finally.

Here is the BEFORE:

And the AFTER!! can you tell I'm excited?

After I stripped 'er down, I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White. My paint was a little bit thick, so I'm happy it distresses and sands so well. 

I put a coat of clear wax on top and it is super smooth to touch. 

Then, with the help of my amazing dad and his air compressor stapler, we upholstered this baby with hardware store drop cloth. I love the nuances and imperfections in the fabric. Plus, it's really sturdy fabric and easy to use in upholstering.

After a couple of hours, a few wrong cuts and learn-as-you-go mistakes from amateur (first time!) upholsterers, we were satisfied with the result.

Then this weekend I finished up with natural colored gimp trim and my trusty mini hot glue gun (and yes! it's totally legal in upholstery). 

I am slightly enamored to have finished this project. And I kind of love the result. {Ahem.}


  1. Looks great Lisa!

  2. Ooh, wow! Very cool looking chair!

  3. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Love it! Annette

  4. Anonymous12:53 PM

    This is AMAZING!! Love it! I can think of several spots in my house that would love to have this chair sitting in them. ;) Alicia

  5. you SHOULD be enamored--so lovely and perfect now! bravo on this transformation. the chair is now an heirloom, touched by three generations already!

    stop by when you have a moment for eye candy and lovely, we'd love to have you.

    smiles and peace to you.


  6. Love it, Lisa! You have every reason to be pleased!
    - Pam