blue gray vintage chair makeover


:-) the last *finally!!* project complete.

This chair is the exact same as yesterday's white chair, but I painted this one first - it's a flat gray blue that is so pretty! However, it will probably need just the right (matching/complimenting) home.

 I don't know if you remember, but these chairs and the settee were a mess. Stinky, gross, ripped, cat-hair covered speckled nasty pieces of junk from the roadside. But I couldn't get past those lines! So I didn't even take them inside my house until they were stripped completely down and wiped off.

Actually, I took them to a friend's house and they sat there (for a year, ahem.) This one chair I kept in my house and was all fired up to sand and paint it.

Then it sat in my basement. For a year. Truly, I didn't have the right equipment (electric staple gun), so I did have to wait around for that. Then, when I did have it, the only time I was willing to do it was during naptime and with a noisy air compressor, that option was out...

Finally, however, I prevailed. :-) And after sweat and probably some tears, this gigantic upholstery challenge (well, it was for me anyway) is done!

I've listed it on CL and hoping it sells soon!! :-) Then I can drag over my chair from my neighbor's basement and maybe actually use it someday.

UPDATE (12/18/13): It's sold!

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