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blue gray vintage chair makeover


:-) the last *finally!!* project complete.

This chair is the exact same as yesterday's white chair, but I painted this one first - it's a flat gray blue that is so pretty! However, it will probably need just the right (matching/complimenting) home.

 I don't know if you remember, but these chairs and the settee were a mess. Stinky, gross, ripped, cat-hair covered speckled nasty pieces of junk from the roadside. But I couldn't get past those lines! So I didn't even take them inside my house until they were stripped completely down and wiped off.

Actually, I took them to a friend's house and they sat there (for a year, ahem.) This one chair I kept in my house and was all fired up to sand and paint it.

Then it sat in my basement. For a year. Truly, I didn't have the right equipment (electric staple gun), so I did have to wait around for that. Then, when I did have it, the only time I was willing to do it was during naptime and with a noisy air compressor, that option was out...

Finally, however, I prevailed. :-) And after sweat and probably some tears, this gigantic upholstery challenge (well, it was for me anyway) is done!

I've listed it on CL and hoping it sells soon!! :-) Then I can drag over my chair from my neighbor's basement and maybe actually use it someday.

UPDATE (12/18/13): It's sold!

more "finally!" furniture transformations!


It's been way too long since I started with these furniture pieces to practice my upholstery and diy skills on. Like a year and a half too long...

Anyway, they are done and they are sold!! I snapped a few pictures before they went away to make another house pretty.

The makeovers aren't perfect. There are some wrinkles in the upholstery and uneven spots in the paint, but I prevailed. I probably will never tackle a project like this again, but it was a good chance to learn. And practice. And decide that if I have to strip the chairs and purchase new foam it would be better to just. walk. away. 

I'll post the photos of my other identical chair that is gray this week. That one more chair to sell and they're outta my life! I am in love with all of this space I am accumulating. It's addicting.