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The Ohio Grands came to visit for a long weekend. That required a day trip to Lawrence, the "hippie shop", and cupcakes! {Ladybug} was so ready to sink her teeth into a cupcake. I came out of the day with a new sweater, vintage red dress (bought with credit that I traded for at Wild Man Vintage) and a pumpkin cheesecake cupcake. (Pretty sure I got the best deal.)

And, if you don't know, Lawrence is a quirky college town full of students, hippies and all around colorful people. Compared to the homogeneity of my town, it's such a great break from "normal".

Lawrence, we'll be back!

pumpkin patch 2013


We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend have fun, fulfill our annual family ritual and to get our fall decor. It was almost 90 degrees, so we went ... wearing shorts!

( L-R: 2011, 2012, 2013 ... do you see that according to the measure, she hasn't grown at all since last yr? obviously not true ... it was on the ground the last two years and looks like it is now accurate! So much for keeping track every year according to this ruler. Ha!)

And here are a few photos of our bounty. They have over 150 different varieties of pumpkins - isn't that crazy?! I decided on a few for decoration ... including a blue one! Inspired by MMS, of course.

a fun surprise trip


Last week we drove a few hours to surprise my brother with a quick visit. The weather in Tulsa was still nice and warm so we spent a day on the lake. I'll take it! (Skiing in September was a first for me!)

This girl and her uncle were happy campers. Thanks for letting us stop by Uncle Ry-na & Aunt Erin!

(*photos courtesy of my brother's gigantic smart phone)

a little look back...


My mom brought a couple of pictures down that I requested (and one that was a surprise!) and I wanted to post a couple.

{Ladybug} and I in our little toddler pigtails (I was almost 2-1/2 there and she is 2-1/2 in her picture).

And a 1950s photo of my Grandma in one of the dresses she sent me!! (She's on the left).

How fun is that!?

40th anniversary cabin adventure


A couple of weekends ago we celebrated my in-laws 40th anniversary at a cabin in a national forest in southern Illinois. We played games, it rained, I read, we hiked, we talked, we cooked, lit a fire, and fought mosquitoes and flies. It was a fun time, relaxing but a bit too short.

Thanks for the good time, Ohio Shunks!! We really enjoyed it ... and happy 40th (again!) We love you. 

a party dress


Last weekend, in addition to the baby shower and Asa's Cheerio birthday party, {Ladybug} attended her first birthday party - well, the first that she was not the center of attention. They were all invited to a tea party and instructed to "dress fancy".

This little ivory dress had been waiting for a second chance since its debut in 1991 (compliments of my sister - who was also 2-years-old at the time! See us below!)

And sweet girl.

Below: I think she's waiting on her carriage to arrive...

:-) Here's to hoping for many more days of pretty girls in dress up clothes.