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*a couple of new shop items* (no. 2)


*second installation of new shop items! stocking up before I get crazy busy this fall...

Just one more tomorrow. Cheers!

*a couple of new shop items* (no. 1)


I've been working on prepping and photographing items to add to the shop this week - I've decided to take a bite out of it every day instead of trying to attack and get it all done at once. It's exhausting trying to describe, measure and upload the pics of all these little pieces in multiples at a time! Plus I get a little cranky when a certain 2-yr old interrupts a million times - trust me, it's just better this way.

I work better a little bit at a time anyway. Although, I do get a rush when a project is finished or my little garments are all posted!

The shop has been quite slow this summer, which is totally normal, so I haven't paid a ton of attention to it. However, I've picked up a few things here and there, plus my mom and my amazing garage-saling picker friend (she does have a name - thanks, Sarah!) just found a ton of stuff, so I thought it was time for an update!

i paid for this one before i realized that it had an incredibly ugly sliding bear applique on the front - the entire white panel is a replacement - a job i am proud of!! check it out HERE.

First posting installation! More to come this week.

See all pieces here: Cheers!

TRASH fash!


I'm starting a new trend that I'm sure it'll catch on ... TRASH FASHION!

Yes, thank you very much, I will wear that amazing blue dress from the 50s that fits if you set it out by the road when we are drive-by junking (see here). Oh, and that other one? Yes, please! 

I never complain about free. You can see (on the left) that this dress is shorter than my petticoat. It doesn't look terrible, but I'm not sure if I love the show-your-petticoat look. So I'm contemplating either cutting the petticoat or lengthening the hem of the dress - it's been hemmed by hand a good 3-4". But I'm afraid that the hemmed crease may be permanent and look funny once I take it out. What do you think??

It also looks fine without the petticoat (see below), although it is quite thin! Does anyone even own a slip anymore? Moreover, does anyone even know what they are for??

The other dress may be early 60s (see this juniors' pattern I have HERE) but either way, it's fun and unlike any dress I have.

Oh, and did I mention they were FREE!? Would you wear something you dug out of a trashpile?

shop update! {June '13)


I haven't done a whole lot with the shop so far this year. If I come across something, obviously I grab it up quick (!) but I haven't been selling as fast due to doubled international postage prices (boo). Not to mention, it's just slower in the summer.

Which doesn't hurt my feelings too much because there's been other important things going on like a wedding and home projects and gearing up for the Market!

I snagged the first four at an estate sale and the last one my awesome finder friend scored. 

The last ones were thrift store finds - they had a bunch more but were so expensive! "Expensive" meaning resale wouldn't be worth it. Oh well. Here's what I did find.

Find these cute little pieces in the shop HERE!

*more* thrifted vintage dresses (winter)


And for the cooler season dresses I found...

A $2 petticoat I couldn't pass up. I just resized it Sunday night. Can't wait to show it off under one of my dresses this fall/winter!


I've been on the hunt for a plaid skirt and this one was too beautiful to pass up at a recent estate sale. I also can't wait to wear this one! It's been tempting me from my closet...


This dress has me a little stumped (also from the estate sale). Do you think it's 50s? Later? Earlier? I'm just not quite sure, but I'm sort of in love.

It has a small spot on the bodice that I didn't notice until I got it home, but here's to hoping my miracle spot remover will take care of it in a flash.


And finally, my 50s housewife dress. It may be a wool blend (it's warm!) and pretty conservative, but I want to dress it up with some fun accessories and maybe the above petticoat!

Thanks for sharing in my fashion joy!!

P.S. I've also decided against the boots for now, and I've splurged on a pair of vintage inspired Chelsea Crew oxfords for my fall and winter dresses. Here's a stock photo of them.

photo source

*more* thrifted vintage dresses (summer)


I went to a garage sale in Kansas City (pretty much all the good stuff is in the city!!) and came away with several fun pieces ... no one piece was more than $10 ... I was there.

If you are on a budget and want to stock your vintage wardrobe you don't go to Donna Dress Shop, you garage sale!

Here's a knee-length polyester, patchwork dress for every day.


Another casual outfit that initially looks like a dress...

But is actually a red, white and blue jumpsuit!


A fun, 50s knee-length floral. It's a juniors dress, so the waist cuts in a little weird, but it is super fun to wear.


And a short romper!

Just need some white spandex to go under to to avoid any unlovely sights. Any idea where to find some (I've checked W-mart and T-rget...??

weekend thrifting finds!


This weekend I let the garage-sale craziness sweep me away. And I think I'm good for quite awhile.

I wanted to share my vintage finds (although I did find a few other clothing items, etc for Ladybug and me) - some for the Market, some for me.

At one sale, a guy was just trying to get rid of things. The Brother Valiant typewriter I scored for $1 (YES! a dollar!) and all of the 78s (the round case and burgundy album) for $2. He was basically giving stuff away. How could I resist!? Oh, and the working 1959 Zenith alarm clock for $5.

Four blue ball jars with lids ($3 ea), a small blue ball jar for .50, a flour sifter for $2 and a Mouli grater for $2.

I've wanted a typewriter forever just to display and this one is small and perfect. I love it!

I found the large Ball jars (above) and this perfect little table for Ladybug at an estate sale on Friday morning after our garage sale rounds. The table was tucked in the basement and still waiting for me when I got there. I scooped her up quick - and good thing because there was a collector there!

One leg must be slightly shorter and they all need a coat of ivory paint, but it was exactly what I was looking for.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was!! It pretty much wiped us out (Jeremy too as he was home with Ladybug) and my garage saleing itch is scratched for awhile, but it was so enjoyable.

I'll be sharing the rest of my vintage clothing finds soon!

Thrifted anything great lately? 'Tis the season!